Dreaming of a happier (& wealthier) life with your spouse & business partner?

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You're partners in life and in business. "Couple-preneurs." Some might even call you a power couple. Anyway you describe it, as the female half of the pair, you're trying to keep it all together. And you're ready to join a COMMUNITY that understands you!
You’re the boss

It’s YOUR business and he helps you run it.

He’s an advisor

He works elsewhere and helps out as your “silent partner”…

He’s the boss

You’re the supportive woman, helping him run the business.

You’re equal partners

You run the business together.


Women entrepreneurs are different. We're not just about business. We're about LOVE too.
Worldwide 126 million women business owners run a business

Many chose to create a business out of necessity; leaving their inflexible corporate jobs to be closer to their families, We're caregivers in the home and in our businesses as well. What we do inevitably revolves around our loved ones. How does this affect the way we run our businesses? Nurture our relationships? And take care of ourselves? It's time we talk about those things. Because for women entrepreneurs LOVE has lots to do with BUSINESS.

  • Women Entrepreneurs

    The Amex 2015 State of Women-Owned Businesses report says women-owned firms surpassed 9.4 million enterprises – 30% of American businesses.

  • In business with a loved one

    In 2014 Statistics Canada reported 15.7% of businesses were majority owned by women and 19.7% (almost 1/5!) were equally owned by a woman and man.

  • Fear of failure

    70% of women executives report feeling inadequate; we are more likely to fear failure and to have lower perceptions of our abilities than men...

  • Women thrive in a tribe

    95% of the women entrepreneurs we have talked to want more resources to grow their business. Join us!

Virtual & Live Events with your tribe

Meet other women entrepreneurs who share your values and your struggles. Women who, like you, are ready to create a better life for themselves and those they love. We offer a variety of ways to connect:
Virtual Town Halls
Virtual Town Halls
Pick a day/time that suits you & get together with like-minded business women for 60 minutes of sharing and mutual support. Find out more
Online Workshops
Online Workshops
In our world business and love intertwine. Our workshops focus on strategies to help you work smarter and be a better partner. Find out more
In-Person Retreats
In-Person Retreats
The best way to combine love & business; facilitated strategy sessions, along with play time and the R&R you so deserve!
Find out more
Coaching Circles
Coaching Circles
You are matched a group and coach so you can meet monthly in a private video chat room for business & relationship support.
Find out more


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