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Beyond the $$$: Negotiating For Those Who Hate Negotiations!

Does negotiating feel like haggling to you? How do you feel when a client wants a discount? Are you at ease making a counter-offer or maintaining your position without feeling like you could be losing the deal?

After The Business Sisters 2018, we asked participants what areas they felt uncomfortable with in their business, topics they would like to see. Many told us they dislike negotiations. That’s why we are bringing in acclaimed speaker and expert mediator Ruth Sirman on Saturday, Oct. 26 for the 2019 Conference!

In this session, Ruth will teach us about Interest Based Negotiation, a set of negotiation strategies where parties collaborate towards a “fair / fair” (as opposed to “win-win”) outcome. You don’t want to miss this! As she describes it:

Negotiation is much like a dance. It’s not just about the money and the contract. It’s about the interactions between the people involved. Successful negotiators not only know when to say ‘Yes’ and when to say ‘No.’ They know what and when to concede and when to stand ground. They also know how to build relationships and get their point across.

We all have a default approach – our Personal Negotiation Blueprint™ – to communication, managing conflict and negotiating that influences how we interact with others – especially in challenging situations.

–Ruth Sirman, speaker, mediator, coach

We rarely dust this Blueprint off and look at it to see if it’s helping us achieve our goals – or getting in our way. This session will go beyond the basics of negotiation to explore our personal negotiation blueprints, how these behind the scenes dynamics can help (or hurt) our ability to negotiate and achieve an agreement that works and how you can refine your own Negotiation Blueprint™ to improve your success rate!

In this session, you will walk away with:

  • Understanding what are the main obstacles to negotiating effectively
  • Your own Personal Negotiation Blueprint™ and why it matters
  • Ways to improve your success rate
  • Plus “Rescue” Negotiation Strategies to get back on track when things go wrong

Meet Ruth Sirman

Ruth Sirman is an Organizational Effectiveness Consultant and Mediator.  She helps organizations resolve complex problems and multi-stakeholder conflicts, making her a leader in the Organizational Development and Alternative Dispute Resolution. Her knowledge of human behavior, quick wit and humor-based “down home” practicality have made her a sought-after speaker, trainer, consultant and mediator nationally and internationally.

After 19 years of running 2 successful businesses and surviving 4 interesting kids (who are now interesting young adults), she has learned a lot about negotiation, conflict management and communication. In addition to many courses in conflict management, communication, and relationship dynamics, she has taught both Interest Based Mediation and Negotiation at the university level as well as to clients as professional development courses.

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