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Business Sisters Update October 6

In exactly 20 days, on Sat. Oct. 26, we will be gathering at The Business Sisters Conference in Alexandria!

You are in for a packed agenda on Oct. 26 with the Business Sisters! Here’s your weekly update:

  • Spotlight on Expert Tables: Right after lunch at the event you will have a chance to customize your conference experience by picking from 10 different round table discussions, each facilitated by a subject-matter expert. READ MORE >>
  • Can you help us out on Facebook? Not everyone is active on social media but if you you’re into it, could you please click GOING on the Facebook Event Page? This helps us spread the word… Right now 14 people are tagged as coming to the event, but 46 tickets have been sold! Thanks bunch!
  • Need accommodation? Eastern Ontario is a BIG area, so if you want to arrive the night before, maybe make a “girls’ night out”, we got you covered!  The White Rock is a clean, well-appointed and well-run woman-owned establishment! Call Viv at 613-525-2362 or email whiterockmotel@sympatico.ca.
  • Will you join us? And why not bring a Business Sister with you? We still have tickets!

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