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Carving Out ME Time

In this week’s vlog, I discuss yet another difference between men and women. And this one ISN’T one we should be happy about… because it affects our health!

Video Transcript

Hi and welcome to the weekly vlog!

Last week we talked about “entrepreneur-itis” and tips on how to take more vacation time with your loved ones.

Based on feedback I got, maybe talking about time off was a little too soon for some. I know many of the women in our community, and those who follow For Love And Business on social media, say it’s tough taking days off ever. That’s regardless of whether they’re in business with their spouse. It’s pretty well across the board, especially with newer entrepreneurs.

When we posted a poll at Christmas time almost a 1/3 of you said you wouldn’t have any time for yourselves over the holidays. Never mind taking a whole week of vacation or more!

So this week I’m going to back up the bus and talk about just taking some ME Time.

What do I mean by “ME Time”?

ME Time is when you do something that makes you feel good. So that can anything you want!

Now taking care of your family or getting something done in your business may make you feel good, but that’s not really ME Time. ME Time is something that gives you a break from your love and business obligations, so that you can come back to those energized and ready to perform. This is something that many women find difficult to do.

Just recently I came across a study that talked about yet another difference between men and women: how men actually spend more time in leisure activities than women do.

Before we get all up in arms about this, ladies, this one is on us.

Just like taking care of our bodies is our responsibility, so is taking care of our overall well-being. You can’t blame the guys if they are doing a better job at this than we are.

Look at ME Time this way: when you’re busy and driving all over town, it may be hard to take the time to stop at the service station and fill up your car. You may get away with driving around for a while, but not forever. Just like that, if you aren’t taking ME time to relax and re-energize, you’re going to run out of gas eventually. Or worse.

Research shows that when we don’t take the time to relax, chronic stress increases.That ups the risk for a bunch of mental and physical health conditions, like insomnia, anxiety, depression, heart disease and digestive disorders.

I’m really hoping I don’t have to convince you any more that this is the smart thing to do, whether you are a woman entrepreneur or not!

OK, to get you started, here are some tips:

First: ME Time doesn’t have to take a long time.

Start with something small.

Like having a cup of coffee, sitting on the back porch, after the kids have left for school, for just five minutes before you start your day.

If you think you need to carve out a whole hour to take a bubble bath every night you’ll never do it.

It doesn’t have to take long at all! The point is to think of you, and no one else, for just a little bit of time, every day.

Secondly: Schedule ME Time in your calendar!

Most of us find time to get our hair cut and our teeth cleaned, right? .

Treat your ME Time exactly as if you were scheduling time with your hairdresser.

This is an appointment with the most important person in your life: YOU.

Thirdly: Maximize your accountability:

If you’re afraid of canceling on yourself, tell someone else about it.

This could be your spouse, a family member, or a friend who understands your need for personal time.

Hopefully they take ME Time themselves.

But the most important thing is that they are able to lovingly “call you out”

IF and WHEN you make excuses.

If just telling someone about it isn’t foolproof enough, get a real accountability partner.

This is someone with whom you can schedule time together or apart, but the point is that person also will commit to having ME Time, and you can hold each other accountable.

This works especially well if your ME Time involves working out, by the way.

FINALLY – The last tip. Think about your impact.

OK, this is where I get personal… maybe even guilting you into doing this!

When you don’t take ME Time for yourself, what message are you sending to those around you, especially your kids? Do you want them to grow up thinking being a mother and an entrepreneur means being a slave and never having time for yourself? Do you want people around you to see you as this crazy woman who is about to crash & burn?

I wish someone had called me out on this, much earlier in my entrepreneurial journey. Because I did burn out and became the shining example of what NOT to do for my daughter.

I didn’t realize how much of an impression I left on her until she went off to university and got herself all stressed out over school, work, friends and commitments. Thankfully she realized early on that when she doesn’t get her ME Time, her time “chilling,” reading and yes, even playing her favourite computer game then she hits a wall.

It’s the same for me now too. Just ask Heinz! If I don’t get my ME Time, I get really bitchy…

Bottom line, we don’t get points for being martyrs here!

We won’t be of any use in our business or at home if we fall apart.So take care of YOU, with some ME Time.

What are some of the tricks you have up your sleeve for having me time?

Leave me a comment below.

And if you think this was helpful, please share in your networks!

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Thanks for watching. For now, I’m going for my ME Time – a yoga class!

Until next week, make it a great one!

Yours for love and business,

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Photo Credit: Jacob Townsend, Unsplash.com

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