Panel of women entrepreneurs at Business Sisters Conference

Success Through Sharing

Article reproduced with permissionBy Tara MacDonald, News StaffGlengarry News, Wednesday, November 6, 2019 The second annual Business Sisters Conference attracted 88 business women from across Stormont, Dundas and Glengary. According to organizer Doreen Ashton Wagner, the purpose of the conference in Alexandria was to nurture a culture that encourages and educate women on how to[…]

Wear Your Leadership Campaign Launch

Leadership Féminin Prescott-Russell to launch a new campaign to fund the development of women leaders Not only will the participants of The Business Sisters Conference be experiencing wonderful education and networking but they will also partake in the launch of a new awareness and fundraising campaign to develop and support women leaders. Leadership Féminin Prescott-Russell[…]

Entrepreneurial trailblazers at The Business Sisters Conference

Lessons Learned with Entrepreneurial Trailblazers

And now for the FINALE: The Business Sisters’ Lessons Learned panel with Entrepreneurial Trailblazers! We are so incredibly lucky to have another roster of fantastic women entrepreneurs again this year for our Lessons Learned Panel. This is the last education of the Business Sisters conference agenda, where we have a “fireside chat” with Entrepreneurial Trailblazers.[…]

Weekly Update for Business Sisters Conference

Business Sisters Update October 6

In exactly 20 days, on Sat. Oct. 26, we will be gathering at The Business Sisters Conference in Alexandria! You are in for a packed agenda on Oct. 26 with the Business Sisters! Here’s your weekly update: Spotlight on Expert Tables: Right after lunch at the event you will have a chance to customize your conference experience by picking from[…]

Expert Tables – Practical Advice for Women Business Owners

Getting practical, actionable advice for your business can take time and a whole lot of effort. But at The Business Sisters Conference on Saturday, October 26, we make it easy for you with our Expert Tables session, a series of facilitated round table discussions on practical business subjects. PLUS, since we know healthy businesses need[…]

Conference Update Announcement Business Sisters

Business Sisters Update September 29

All is progressing well for The Business Sisters on Sat. Oct. 26 and I wanted to make sure you’re aware of more exciting program announcements: After a yummy breakfast and the kick-off, Diana Lidstone will share her best tips to create a value statement for your networking introduction so you can Network Like a CEO.[…]

Diana Lidstone featured at The Business Sisters Conference

Learn to Network Like a CEO

Whether you’ve been in business for 10 years or 10 days, networking isn’t always something that comes easily. Yet it’s proven that business, social network can make a BIG difference in your success. In this session we’ll learn from Diana Lidstone, The Entrepreneur’s G.P.S. how to network with ease, turning business cards into opportunity. On Saturday, October[…]

Shannon Ferguson founder of FanSaves at The Business Sisters

Playing with the Big Boys

Women entrepreneurs still are a minority. Sometimes we’re the ONLY woman in the room – something tech entrepreneur Shannon Ferguson of FanSaves knows well. Growing up Shannon Ferguson loved sports and when she decided to start playing hockey at the age of eight, she had to join a boys league and was one of only[…]

Ruth Sirman acclaimed speaker mediator

Beyond the $$$: Negotiating For Those Who Hate Negotiations!

Does negotiating feel like haggling to you? How do you feel when a client wants a discount? Are you at ease making a counter-offer or maintaining your position without feeling like you could be losing the deal? After The Business Sisters 2018, we asked participants what areas they felt uncomfortable with in their business, topics[…]

Eastern Ontario Training Board support women business owners event

EOTB Partners with The Business Sisters Again in 2019

It is with great pride and pleasure that we announce the renewal of support from the Eastern Ontario Training Board (EOTB) for The Business Sisters Conference! With The Business Sisters delivering business education to established and new women business owners, the EOTB was eager to help. “An event like this helps us engage with the[…]