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Back to school at 54

In this week’s vlog I explain the background on a BIG change I am making in my life: going BACK TO SCHOOL at 54 (eeek!). And what this means for you as a supporter and member of the For Love And Business Community! VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Hi everyone! You may have noticed that it’s been several[…]

Business Sisters Conference Logo register now

Announcing The Business Sisters Conference

This week’s vlog is an exciting announcement: the launch of a new event: the Business Sisters Conference! It’s taking place Saturday, November 3 in Alexandria, ON. Listen to the reasons I have wanted to create this event for a long time and how YOU can benefit! VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Hello and welcome to the weekly vlog![…]

Serena Williams holding up both hands in victory

Serena Williams, Motherhood and Non-Feminine Behaviour

Maybe the heat was getting to me this week. Or maybe I’m just tired of the unfair treatment women are subjected to… Every. Single. Day. So this week’s vlog is a RANT about tennis star Serena Williams and the way we ALL get judged, especially when we display non-feminine behaviour: VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Hello and welcome[…]

woman with her hand up in front of her face to say stop

Stop Using this Word & Your Permission Slip

There is one word too many of us use, which only serves to make us feel unworthy. We use it all the time in both love and in business. In this week’s vlog we discuss becoming aware of how that insidious word that makes us FEEL GUILTY, plus one exercise to help heal the damage[…]

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Building Bridges Instead of Walls

There is WAY too much talk about walls these days. Not just in the political arena. It’s in the way we interact with one another. Lots of anger, uncertainty, and mistrust everywhere, even at work. Some say there is a battle of the sexes going on, prompted by the #MeToo movement. I absolutely agree that[…]

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Feeling Like You Don’t Belong

I saw you staring at your plate and not making eye contact at dinner the other night. You joined us for dinner after the networking event, desperately wanting to connect with other women business owners. And I’m really glad you did. But you looked like you were feeling like you don’t belong. When the talk[…]

young woman leaning against a wall looking peaceful

When Comparison Robs You of Joy

Video Transcript: Today I want to talk about how, at the heart of finding “work-life balance” or “love-business” balance, is the need to find PEACE. Would you agree a little more “peace” is what we all need (like the song says)? After attending a 35th-year reunion this weekend (yes, the reunion for my kindergarten class…[…]

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How My Coach Saved My Life

Exactly 3 years ago today, I walked into Betty Healey’s office exhausted, frustrated, and downright unhappy with my life and business. I wrote about the circumstances leading up to that appointment. This is the specific story of how my coach saved my life. Clearly, I was completely burnt out. Not that I knew it at the time.[…]

Fellow women entrepreneurs come to the successful launch of For Love And Business

Successful Turnout at Our Launch Party

Heinz and I were so happy to welcome fellow entrepreneurs, friends and supporters to our For Love And Business Launch Party! We are so grateful for the successful turnout, everyone who donated door prizes and sent well wishes. We saw lots of our women entrepreneur community members, some with their hubbies! (Heinz says “thanks for the reinforcement,”[…]