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Is My Project Big Enough?

When I asked our For Love And Business Facebook Community Members to post about any big projects,” I wasn’t expecting that this could turn into a life lesson. Yet here we are… With the light fading as the sun was setting in front of me, a discussion about SIZE with: Is My Project Big Enough?[…]

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NEW B.R.E.A.K. Out of The Love-Business Trap Bootcamp

After a successful inaugural webinar which discussed The Love-Business Trap, I am pleased to be announcing the launch of a new series of online workshops: the B.R.E.A.K. Out of The Love-Business Trap Bootcamp! What is the Love-Business Trap? The Love-Business Trap is a complex set of feelings and behaviours that women entrepreneurs struggle with as[…]

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Conversations About Our Mental Health

In light of the suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain earlier this week, this week’s vlog takes on a sombre note to discuss the need for more conversations about our mental health. Most entrepreneurs think of themselves as tough and resourceful, but that doesn’t make us immune to depression. With the multiple pressures we[…]

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What Really Happens After Burnout

Sometimes people think that “burning out” is just like getting a cold; you get some rest and get over it. I wish that were so. For many, it’s just not. That’s why I wanted to write about what really happens after burnout. It’s a very personal experience, of course. But research suggests that “burnout takes[…]

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Carving Out ME Time

In this week’s vlog, I discuss yet another difference between men and women. And this one ISN’T one we should be happy about… because it affects our health!  Video Transcript Hi and welcome to the weekly vlog! Last week we talked about “entrepreneur-itis” and tips on how to take more vacation time with your loved[…]

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Questions to Ask of Your Prospective Coach

If you have determined that hiring a coach is something you want to do, you need to find the right person to help you. Coaching experiences are as unique as there are coaches and clients out there. To help you make your own assessment, here are some questions to ask of your prospective coach: What[…]

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Is Coaching Right for YOU?

Last week I wrote about how I feel my former coach, and dear friend Betty, actually saved my life. To the point the experience inspired me to help women entrepreneurs who work with their spouse or are involved in a family business. A lot of that is through education and coaching. This week, let’s focus[…]

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After 20 Years In Business: What I Know For Sure

Today is April 1, 2018. It’s Easter, April Fool’s and the 20th anniversary of our business. Twenty years of business partnership for Heinz and I as a couple! To celebrate, this is a post in the style of Oprah’s monthly epilogues: after 20 years in business, this is what I know for sure: Entrepreneurship is[…]

Creating Your Year-End Ritual

With the weather forecast calling for frighteningly cold weather between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I’ve found it comforting to spend time to  reflect on 2017 and invoking my vision for 2018. And that’s why I’ve written this post on creating your year-end ritual. I wasn’t always serene and reflective like this.  For years I[…]


When a Client or Colleague Becomes a Friend

Years ago when my husband Heinz and I both worked in the hotel industry, he confronted me about a conversation I’d had with a meeting planner client of mine. It was someone I had worked with on several occasions. We’d had lunch and socialized through a professional association we both belonged to. When she eventually[…]