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CFDC Lends Strategic Support to Business Sisters

When you see more communication in French this year for the Business Sisters, thank the Cornwall and the Counties’ Community Future Development Corporation!

In Eastern Ontario we are proud of our unique bilingual character. With the creation of The Business Sisters Conference, it had always been our intention to be more bilingual in our communication (that’s why our logo was designed bilingually, with “business sisters” and “ consœurs en affaires”).

Time and effort is required for proper translation, so it will come as no surprise to local entrepreneurs that we didn’t quite succeed in the bilingual approach with our first event in 2018… Though many francophone business women were in the audience – and three trailblazing francophones were on stage – the event for the most part was in English.

But with the support of the CFDC, that is changing! Our application for Official Languages Minority Funding was accepted earlier this month, and we are pleased to be disseminating official press releases and event promotion in both English and French. To start, here’s our new French agenda page!

This is something that we simply could not have afforded otherwise. This is a strategic investment that will help us reach more female business owners in our community. We are so grateful to Lesley Thompson, Executive Director, and the entire team at the CFDC. Lesley tells us:

“We’re pleased to be supporting The Business Sisters. By supporting programs and organizations like this that help women learn about the world of entrepreneurship, connect them with other successful female entrepreneurs, and help them find access to high-quality credit sources, women can build strong businesses, solidify their position in the global economy and local business world, and gradually build a stronger, better marketplace.

The CFDC is here to help

Do you have a business that could use help to attract more francophone customers? Or are you looking to launch your products and services to a wider audience and need help with the translation? Then and come to The Business Sisters on Saturday, October 26 at the Glengarry Sports Palace in Alexandria, where you’ll meet the CFDC team and more partners eager to help support your venture in many ways!


For more information

To know more about The Business Sisters Conference, and how you can help support, please contact Doreen Ashton Wagner at 613-362-4474 or info@forloveandbusiness.com.

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