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Chantal Tranchemontagne: Tell It Like It Is

Chantal Tranchemontagne speaker business sisters conference

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At the Business Sisters Conference, the Big Picture Talks is where we hear from women entrepreneurs who share their professional expertise. Plus some practical advice to grow our business. In this session, Chantal Tranchemontagne, Chief Creative Officer, Big Catch Communications, urges us to think of marketing from the point of view of a story-teller.

Humans have communicated through story-telling for thousands of years. Learn to use it to your advantage!

About this session

Tell It Like It Is: How Authentic Storytelling Can Shape Your Business

What is authenticity in this era of Instagram-picture-perfection? Can you really afford to be “yourself” on social media and on your website when everyone else is… so together? Online marketing and social media make for a confusing journey, where we constantly weigh what should be done with what feels right. In this talk, Chantal challenges us to be real and tell it like it is so we can rise above the clutter and noise!

Chantal’s presentation is one of four consecutive presentations that taking place during the Big Picture Talks between 9 am and 11 am on Saturday, Nov. 3. The entire audience gets to hear each “TED-Style” presentation, followed by a facilitated Question & Answer.

And who is Chantal Tranchemontagne?

A self-described creative crackerjack, Chantal Tranchemontagne is founder of Chief Creative Officer at Big Catch Communications, a small-but-mighty content marketing agency, and Publisher of Perch, a magazine that showcases Cornwall, Akwesasne and the United Counties of SDG. She has spent the last 20 years in a storytelling role for brands big and small, and is passionate about encouraging an innovative, collaborative culture in her company and her region.

She is also the genius behind Perch Magazine. With features on arts & culture, business, sports and style, Perch reads like a love letter to this Eastern Ontario region. Readers will find it in area shops and eateries or online. The latest edition comes out right after The Business Sisters Conference!

As a female freelancer-turned-entrepreneur, Chantal is attuned to the challenges women in business face and is keen to showcase the impact they can have when their authentic, emboldened and empathetic leadership styles are unleashed and embraced.

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