January 22, 2017



Coaching circle for women entrepreneurs

Participation in a Coaching Circle is one of the most highly valued benefits of the ForLoveAndBusiness.com Community!

A Coaching Circle gets you focused on discussing issues so you can grow in your business and in your relationship with your spouse and business partner.

And this is one of the best ways you connect with other ForLoveBusinessAndBusiness community members. It is similar to a Virtual Town Hall or an Online Workshop except that this is in a more intimate setting, and you always meet with the same 5-6 circle participants. Your Coaching Circle is where you get to the heart of the matter: discussing issues about your business and the relationship with your spouse.

How a Coaching Circle works

You are pre-assigned to a Circle of up to eight members, based on the type of business, areas of interest and stated challenges in your business. Other factors such as the size, number of years in business and time zone may also be taken into account.

As a Circle Members you are bound by a strict code of conduct. This assures everyone participates with heartfelt intent. Kindness and confidentiality are of the utmost importance!

A certified coach leads each Circle and guides the interaction between members. You are given time to explain the challenges you are facing. Anyone in the group may ask you questions for added clarity. Often your peers’ questions will help reveal the beginning of a solution. With the wisdom of the whole group, we then brainstorm ideas to help you move forward. You might be given “home play” – aka homework, but more fun!

You are kept accountable by reporting on progress during the next call. And don’t worry about military-style accountability; we are all here to help each other!

Meetings take place on a monthly basis at a pre-determined time. Most meetings last 60-90 minutes. We use Zoom, a cloud video conferencing platform. This allows everyone to see and hear each other. Plus you have access to the recording of each Circle so that you may listen again to the ideas generated anytime you want!

Coaching Circles are one of the most valued benefits of belonging to the ForLoveBusinessAndBusiness community because this is where you get real-life solutions. You learn not just from hearing advice to your own dilemmas, but also from your peers!

Want to know more?

The Coaching Circle schedule will begin September 2017. Start by signing below: