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Desjardins Returns as 2019 Business Sisters Title Partner

Support for projects that help the local community grow and prosper has been one of the hallmarks of the Caisse Populaire movement. As a credit union or “co-op” as we affectionately call them, the Caisse in Alexandria has been part of my own businesses for over 20 years.

That’s why I am so immensely grateful for their continued support with The Business Sisters Conference 2019! They were there to support us last year. Returning with a greater investment this year, Desjardins has committed to supporting not only the conference, but also a soon-to-be announced project.

According to Chantal Lajoie, Executive Director of La Caisse Populaire de la Vallée and La Caisse Populaire de Cornwall, The Business Sisters represents a movement that parallels what Desjardins has always stood for.

“If you look at our main street in Alexandria, we see many more women business owners now. This extends to other parts of the region, including in Cornwall and other smaller towns and rural areas of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry and Prescott-Russell. We can see the difference women make. That is whey Desjardins is very happy to be back as Title Partner to support The Business Sisters Conference,” Ms. Lajoie said.

Desjardins’ mission calls for development of cooperation, networks and education, which is what we are all about with The Business Sisters!

Expect to see the Desjardins team there to listen and engage. They understand that a great business partnership starts with understanding and dialogue. It will be the perfect time to ask your business financing questions!

Desjardins is the first of several partners who have stepped forward to support this day of education and networking. More announcements will follow over the next few weeks.

Please recognize our partners!

Event partners often do not get the recognition they deserve. For us it is very clear: without the Desjardins team, this Conference likely would not be viable or least so affordable. Tickets are only $99 until October 14. The regular price of $149 will be in effect after that date. A very attractive rate when you figure that includes breakfast, two breaks, lunch, the wine & cheese and great education!

Check out the agenda

The day-long event is happening on Saturday, October 26 in Alexandria at the Glengarry Sports Palace. It’ll be education-packed with sessions ranging from networking and negotiating, to business financing, legal considerations and work-life balance. See the detailed agenda here or click the button below to reserve your seat:


For more information

If you wish to know more about The Business Sisters Conference, and how you can help support, please contact Doreen Ashton Wagner at 613-362-4474 or info@forloveandbusiness.com.

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