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Back to school at 54

In this week’s vlog I explain the background on a BIG change I am making in my life: going BACK TO SCHOOL at 54 (eeek!). And what this means for you as a supporter and member of the For Love And Business Community!


Hi everyone!

You may have noticed that it’s been several weeks since my last post. And that’s because I’ve been making lots of changes in my business and my life. Changes that will affect the information I share with our community of supporters and women entrepreneurs.

Let me explain: originally when I started For Love And Business I had envisioned an online community, with regular webinars and online workshops, and in-person retreats.

This meant a lot of work online, and getting out there with social media. Those things are part of running a business these days, but definitely NOT what I enjoy most.

What I LOVE is meeting people in person and speaking to women entrepreneur groups.

But then in August I did a workshop in Toronto where I was talking about the differences in the way men and women think and make decisions. That’s been part of my work for a while now.

I really enjoy speaking and teaching, but I realized that this particular workshop was a bit more difficult for me because I was presenting a lot of material and research that I had not personally been involved with.

Now I know a lot of speakers do that. Especially in the area of change management, or business in general.

But something was nagging at me that made me want to present material that I know first-hand, for my own research.

I noodled that for a while…

And realized that I had a deep desire to study female entrepreneurship, and for that to happen in the way that I wanted it to happen, I needed to go back to school.

So I enrolled in one post graduate course at Royal Roads University this fall and I have now made the decision to proceed and do my masters degree.

Yes! At 54 years of age I am going back to school, to study the topic I am most passionate about: entrepreneurship.

I’m not quite sure which angle I’ll be focusing on just yet.

It might be the female versus male dynamics in entrepreneurship, or family-based businesses, or maybe female entrepreneurs in a rural environment. I have time still before I have to make the decision relating to my thesis.

All this to say that my life has taken a different turn, one that I am surprisingly excited about!

What this means is that now, more than ever, I need For Love And Business community for input.

Part of this may be because I will need input for research.

But more importantly I hope that hearing about research results from a wider group will help us all look at the way we manage our businesses and our lives for the better.

Because of the time I am devoting to school I decided to simplify my life and do away with the membership idea for our online community.

I will be continuing to produce events!

Not the least of which is the upcoming Business Sisters conference in Alexandria on November 3.

For those of you who live further afield and can’t make it to the event, remember that we have our private Facebook group which has wonderful interaction and lots of people sharing tips and how they manage their business and so on.

This vlog may not happen every week going forward. That’s one of the other things I’m trying to figure out. But I do hope to continue my speaking activities, sharing information and possibly findings along the way.

Then sometime in the next 18 to 24 months I hope to have insightful original material to share with you all.So thank you for continuing to follow and encourage me.

I would love to hear your thoughts on all of these things. Please continue to comment and throw some questions my way because I absolutely LOVE that!

And until we speak next, I want to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend — long weekend ahead.

And have a nice one… Bye bye!

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7 thoughts on “Back to school at 54

  • Doreen! I’m so excited for you and a little envious! What fun, you’ll be a fab student!

    Be sure to let me know if you’re in TO any time over the summer.

    Lots of love,


  • Well now, I think going back to school at 54 is a grand idea. I remember meeting Tom’s great Aunt and at 85 she was taking a course at University of Winnipeg, she was excited to be engaged and looking at new ideas. It is true that not everything or thought has been thought of yet. Exciting times ahead for head and heart.

  • Well, well … I thought something was amiss.
    Good for you. I think what you are doing is a MARVELLOUS idea. Let me know if I can help. Good luck… and 54? That’s young!

    • Thanks, Ann! While I don’t always feel “young” I like to think trying might keep me younger longer!! LOL

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