Group of Women Entrepeneurs dipping their feet in a pool

If you live within easy driving distance of Glengarry County, Ontario, then you are in luck! This is Home Base for the For Love and Business Community. The home of our Host, Doreen Ashton Wagner. And that’s why she organizes events and Mastermind Groups which she affectionately calls the Glengarry Women Entrepreneurs’ Network (GWEN). 

Doreen has a very special place in her heart for rural entrepreneurs. She grew up in smaller towns on the South shore of Montreal, and spent her teen years on a farm in the Laurentians. After 17 years in the big city, she established her first business in Alexandria, ON (pop. 3,300) with her husband Heinz in 1998.

She knows resources are scarce for business owners in less populated areas. She experienced first-hand the pressures that a family business imposes on a couple. That’s why she started GWEN a couple of years ago with her  former business coach, and now close friend, Betty Healey.

What does this mean for you?

This means you can attend a ton of live events, delivered in an intimate setting, like the Vaella Consulting Inc. Boardroom, in the heart of North Glengarry.

You’ll have access to just-released material to help you better understand how to run your business and balance the dynamics of your family and love relationships. This is all about creating community and finding solutions that work for you.

Plus you’ll also meet amazing female entrepreneurs like you. Women who live and operate retail stores, food & beverage outlets, trade and professional services, and even farms.

Whether you come for the occasional workshop or join one of the Mastermind Groups, you’ll gain precious insights and forge exciting new friendships.

New events are posted quarterly.

Check out the schedule HERE. Or sign up for automatic notifications and valuable video tips delivered weekly to your inbox:

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