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Heather Elliott: Who Are You Listening To?

heather elliott speaker business sisters conference

Business Sisters Conference – Sat. Nov. 3, 2018, 8:30am-5:30pm, Glengarry Sports Palace, Alexandria, ON

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Let’s Talk about Mindset

To be a successful entrepreneur, it’s one thing to create a business concept and know how to market it. And it’s quite another to have the right mindset to keep going.

Research shows Impostor Syndrome affects 70% of women. That’s the little voice in our heads that whispers, “who do you think you are?” That’s why we need to have conversations about how to prevent our mind from sabotaging our success!

And Heather Elliott, CEO & Founder of Mindful Change will show us how.

About this session

Who Are You Listening To?

Your mind is a very busy place and it contains many different voices, all clamoring for your attention. Combine that with external ‘experts’ telling you how to run your business and you have now created a recipe for confusion that can paralyze you.

Making a decision amidst this clamor is nearly impossible and being sure about anything becomes increasingly difficult.

And let’s face it, the opportunity to spend a lot of money doing stuff for your business is greater than ever before. So how do we, as entrepreneurs, ensure that we make good decisions?

The first step is to take control by understanding what ‘voice’ you are hearing. Separating out the various inputs helps to put you back in charge.

Second, develop a relationship with your heart/intuition (or gut) – the faculty within you that KNOWS. And learn to trust it! It’s a muscle. In order to grow stronger, it needs to be used and developed.

Join Heather to learn more about your mind, its many voices and how to use these other faculties – heart/intuition and gut – to make good business decisions that are ‘right’ for you.

Who is Heather Elliott?

Since 2005, Heather has helped hundreds of individuals make powerful, permanent shifts in their lives by changing the conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs that maintain their experience of the world.

Her techniques produce positive results in personal lives and business. Relationship health, self-esteem, physical and mental health, happiness, and abundance all increase as people discover the freedom to create a life they love on every level.

Heather and her Mindful Change process free people to become the most successful version of themselves possible while finally enjoying the life and lifestyle they’ve always wanted to live.

She is based in Brockville, ON.

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