Help for women who are in business with a spouseYours is a family business and your spouse is at the helm.  You’re “the woman behind the man,” the best-supporting actress. It’s really HIS business, he’s the boss and you respect that.

Just because you don’t make all the decisions doesn’t mean you don’t feel the pressure. You DO. As a woman, you actually feel it doubly; first as the concerned team member and then again as the spouse.

You feel the pressure at work; the cash flow crunches, the inevitable pressures of making the right decisions and keeping things afloat. It takes its toll at home too; there’s never enough time to do everything. You long for time off, time for yourself. Time to enjoy your family together.

Maybe you’d like to contribute more, but he doesn’t let you. Or he asks for your opinion but then does his own thing anyway.You butt heads and the stress is almost too much to bear.

You could get out of the business, go work somewhere else, but you don’t want to do that. Maybe you could even start your own business! If only you could talk things out, find a way to work better together.

Most of all, is romance and true enjoyment of the life you’ve worked so hard to build together even possible?

We Offer Help for Women Entrepreneurs in Business with a Spouse

We’re here to tell you YES. It is possible to be in business with your spouse, and enjoy it together. So you’ve come to the right place to find the help you need.

The ForLoveAndBusiness community exists to provide help for women who are in business with a spouse, regardless of whether it’s his business or yours. Aside from a ton of instructional videos and downloadable resources, we offer ongoing support with Online Workshops, Virtual Town Halls, Coaching Circles as well as In-Person Retreats.

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