Women entrepreneurs in business with a spouseYou work hard in your business, and day-to-day it’s all yours to deal with.

But your life partner is there as your advisor. Perhaps he’s got his own business and he gets what it takes to be successful. Or maybe he’s working for someone else. Either way he’s got a specialty that you lean on for your enterprise. He’s your accountant, your IT guy, your marketing and communications consultant… Or just your sound board.

He might even be your partner on paper.

Most of all, you are clear that it’s YOUR business and your responsibility.

Except that, is it like that always? Do you wish his advice was a little less… overbearing? Do you feel he resents it when you don’t do what he says? Does he freak out at your balance sheet and tell you to get a real job?

How are you to create a thriving business if the man you love is trying to steer the ship or second-guessing every move you make?

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As supportive as your spouse may be, you long to have input from other women who are going through the same experience you are.

That’s why you landed here.

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