unique retreats for women entrepreneurs and female business owners

Get together with your tribe… Women entrepreneurs like you who like to feel connected and supported!

You’re a busy female business owner. You crave time for yourself. Time to think, re-energize, work on your business and simply rest! That’s why you should attend one of our unique retreats for women entrepreneurs!

In-Person Retreats are where you get to meet and connect with the tribe of women you may have met in your Coaching Circle or in one of our Online Workshops or Town Halls. Virtual connections are great but nothing ever beats getting together in person for some in-depth work and true community building. That’s why a few times per year we take For Love And Business on the road.

We offer two types of Retreats for Women Entrepreneurs:

ME Time Retreats are organized so you have more of what you crave: ME Time. Time to think about you, your life, your family, your business. Without the constant interruptions of clients, employees or even those we love. For your convenience we offer half-day or full-day Retreats and even weekend getaways!

Strategic Business Couple Retreats are where you and your significant other join us for a long weekend of business and life planning. We design these Retreats to help you work through key business challenges together, and map out your future. Plus some fun and of course some well-deserved rest and relaxation!

All our Retreats are purposefully set in beautiful areas to help you reconnect and have quality time alone or together. We offer pre- and post-event rates and activities so you can extend your stay for a maximum experience.

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