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Is My Project Big Enough?

When I asked our For Love And Business Facebook Community Members to post about any big projects,” I wasn’t expecting that this could turn into a life lesson. Yet here we are… With the light fading as the sun was setting in front of me, a discussion about SIZE with: Is My Project Big Enough?


Hello and welcome to the week vlog!

Today’s post is about size and about how size shouldn’t matter. This isn’t a crude joke here! I’m talking about the size of our ambition, the size of our business and the size of our challenges.

Having been an entrepreneur for 20 years now, I’ve seen how often women let size get in the way.

A couple of weeks ago I asked in the For Love And Business Facebook Community for people to share any big projects they have. I said:

Sometimes summer is for days at the beach or a good book. Other times it’s when BIG PROJECTS come to fruition or start taking shape. Do you have news of a big project you’d like to share? Let’s fill this page with what you are EXCITED about!

One of our beloved group members – Lorraine, we love you! – had the courage to write, that she has two new projects on the go and she added, “Not sure if they are big enough though.”

And there lies the rub.

Lorraine was tempted to filter. I am so glad she didn’t because she is a great entrepreneur – with 3 businesses between her and her husband – and a very active mom. How she could even think anything she does is not big enough to be celebrated?

The point is that so often, in business and in life, we are our worst enemy because we think size matters. And it doesn’t!

I’ve certainly been afraid that my business wasn’t big enough. Almost a year ago I had been accepted to attend an event by Ali Brown in LA. I don’t know if you know Ali Brown but she is one of the business women icons I very much respect. Right up there with Oprah and Louise Hay, in my book.

Anyway Ali was launching her brand-new iconic workshop and I had gotten IN. Because you have to apply for her event and they only had 50 spots. Needless the say the event was not cheap, and it entailed a flight and a hotel stay.

I had paid my deposit, and even booked the AirBNB.

But I chickened out.

Because all of a sudden I started hearing, “but this event is for entrepreneurs who have earned 6 and 7-figure incomes.” And while my previous business had qualified, I’d sold that business and I was starting out again with For Love And Business.

The gremlins got into my head. I was comparing myself to the other women I IMAGINED would be there. And I cancelled.
And I have regretted it ever since.

But it taught me a lesson. One that perhaps I had to relearn before I really understood it. And that’s SIZE DOESN’T MATTER. Who cares about other people! If it’s a big deal to you, it’s big enough.

Isn’t it amazing the mind games that we play with ourselves? So often we listen to our Inner Critic, instead paying attention to our Inner Coach, who is telling us to go for it!

Whatever you may be working on this summer, I hope it is something that energizes you and makes you feel great. Whether it’s business-related or love-related. Because our projects – big or small – don’t always have to be for business.

It could be a “having fun with my kids” project. A “trip to the cottage to be with family and friends project.”

Whatever it is, celebrate it. Own it. No matter what size. Because you deserve it.

Share what you’re up to below. And if you have a question or a topic for a vlog, I’d love to hear that too!

As always, thanks for watching.

Have a great week ahead!

Yours for love and business,

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Chen Hu, Unsplash

One thought on “Is My Project Big Enough?”

  • Another great topic Doreen, so very important, as women we do filter so much, and you are absolutely correct, it doesn’t matter about size, its what important to you, and the value it holds to you. Its not always about business, in fact, I was speaking with a lovely lady yesterday, that lost her husband after 48 years of marriage just a few months ago, and when she was speaking about all her emotions, and feeling lonely, and even with children, they are not always available due to jobs, distance, being too busy with their many other responsibilities and commitments,I said to myself, I will do what I can to provide some company and make that time to help someone in need who also gave so much of herself to others, and now, she is feels so alone…heart wrenching…for me, it was step up to the plate Gaby, yes, we are all what I like to say ‘actively engaged’, I believe the word busy is misused, and used as an excuse to avoid. So, that’s my project, is to embrace, to assist, bring a smile, and listen, and just be there for someone in need and make a small difference in their life, if just bringing a smile, and a shoulder to cry on!

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