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Learn to Network Like a CEO

Whether you’ve been in business for 10 years or 10 days, networking isn’t always something that comes easily.

Yet it’s proven that business, social network can make a BIG difference in your success. In this session we’ll learn from Diana Lidstone, The Entrepreneur’s G.P.S. how to network with ease, turning business cards into opportunity. On Saturday, October 26, join us for the opening session of The Business Sisters Conference, where Diana will show us how to network like a CEO.

To get us going, Diana will share some of her best tips on how to create a value statement in your introduction. Then we’ll all have a chance to practice our introductions on one another! A half-hour of learning, fun and new contacts. Make sure you have your business cards!

Diana walks her talk. She is a consumate networker, flawlessly conveying her value to anyone she meets. And just as passionate about helping women entrepreneurs do the same. I should know — I worked with Diana for six months when I was “reinventing” myself and starting ForLoveAndBusiness.com.

About Diana Lidstone

Diana Lidstone is better known as the Entrepreneur’s GPS guiding entrepreneurs internationally to ditch the marketing hustle and to tap into their Entrepreneurial D.N.A. to double & triple their profits!  As an entrepreneur for 30+ years, Diana knows that an effective marketing system is a critical element of growing a predictably profitable business.

Ambitious female coaches and consultants who are tired of being underpaid, overworked hire her to teach them how to captivate, cultivate and convert more dream clients so they can earn more & live more! She is known for her straight-talk, no fluff approach – providing clarity & simplification. Diana is also a bestselling author of SHIFT INTO RICH: Navigate the 9 roadblocks to small business success

She is the founder of SHIFT live events for women entrepreneurs which she started in Montreal in 2015.Currently these events take place twice a year in Ottawa.

Diana and her husband loves boating in the Thousand Islands and have two grown children; a daughter living in Australia and a son living North of Yellowknife.

Are you joining us?

Isn’t it time you invested in yourself and joined some like-minded women business owners? Reserve your seat by clicking below:


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