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Being in business is hard enough. When a loved one is in there with you, it can be complicated… That’s why we’re to help with our unique Online Workshops for Women Entrepreneurs in Business with a Spouse!

The For Love And Business Community’s virtual classes focus on business as well as relationship topics. As an entrepreneur, your life can be stressful. Being in business with your life partner — now there’s a whole lot more complexity, isn’t there?

Your spouse could even be just someone you consult on business decisions… The reality is that balancing love and business is tricky.

Our Workshops help you manage your business and personal life with your spouse or significant other. So you can lead a happier, richer life together!

Since we know you need to focus on your business first, we offer workshops at a variety of times to suit your busy schedule. If something comes up and you can’t make it, no worries. All Online Workshops are recorded so you can playback when your schedule opens up.

Sign up for what interests you or save money and get access to ALL our workshops by joining the community. You’ll get tons of resources, meet some fantastic lady bosses and discover a community that gets YOU! 

The Tech Stuff

For those of you who need to know about the tech stuff, we use Zoom, a cloud-based video-conferencing platform where you get to see and hear all the participants. Just use the link we send you once you sign up. No need to download any software onto your device!

Do you have a topic to suggest for one of our Online Workshops for women entrepreneurs? Drop us a line at

Remember to check out our other learning opportunities including our Virtual Town Halls, Coaching Circles and In-Person Retreats.

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