Create a happier life with your Spouse and Business Partner

My husband Heinz and I have been in business for 19 of our 32 years together. Are you in business with your spouse? Join us!

What’s LOVE got to do with BUSINESS? Plenty, if you’re a woman entrepreneur!

The For Love And Business Community is dedicated to women who are in business with a loved one or “significant other.” Whether you are married or not, straight or gay, with kids or without, in business just recently or for years.

As a community, we are here to help lead a happier life with your Spouse and Business Partner. Because we know that running a business is not easy, and doing so with someone you love can make it even more challenging.

Yet when you get it right, it can be SO REWARDING!

That’s why I created this group.

Hi there! My name is Doreen Ashton Wagner, and I am your Host and Community Leader.  I have been in business with my husband for 19 of our 32 years together.

Because I’ve been through a lot of the ups and the downs of business ownership with my life partner, I understand that being a woman entrepreneur can be a lonely and all-consuming, stressful existence.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

As women, we naturally seek community spirit and support. And when we do, we soar and thrive!

Here at For Love And Business, you will find FREE, actionable, “field-tested” resources (“field-tested” by me and my posse of entrepreneur friends) to help you grow happier in your business and in your partnership with the person you love.

And while I’m the founder and leader of this group, you’ll find that, contrary to many of the coaching programs out there, this isn’t about ME. It’s about us, women entrepreneurs, a very special niche because we work closely with our life partners.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers. While I have strategies and tips that have worked for me, I find that the best answers come when we share our collective experience. Which is why this community is meant for us to share our experiences and learn from one another.

We interact online during Town Halls, Online Workshops and Coaching Circles.  Most of our online programs are free, though some entail a membership or small fee.

And we offer In-Person Retreats that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Ready to happier life with your Spouse and Business Partner? Join the tribe here: