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RIP Louise Hay – Thanks for the Inspiration

Louise Hay is an inspiration for women entrepreneursRecently I was sad to hear of the passing of New Age author, publisher and business pioneer Louise Hay.

Not that I could call myself a raving fan, though she had many. I had only heard her on a few interviews and never even read her famous book, You Can Heal Your Life. Neither was her passing tragic or entirely sudden. At the ripe old age of 93, she enjoyed a longer life than many!

I was sad because her death feels like the end of an era. With Hay House Publishing reporting upwards of $60 million dollars in annual revenue Louise is an icon of female entrepreneurship. She is also a beacon of hope for women who dare to start a business with little experience. A big plus is that she did it late in life, when many people naturally would be thinking of retirement. She wrote her first book at age 50 and launched her publishing company at 61!

Luckily the sadness didn’t last. Louise likely would want it that way.

She lived a full life. Many of the authors her company brought to market – like Wayne Dyer, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Mike Dooley and Susan Pierce-Thompson – have huge followings. A simple scan of the reviews prove that her work has helped thousands, if not millions of women and men.

Louise Hay is an inspiration for women entrepreneurs. We often start our business out of necessity. We need to take care of our families and we move ahead with little more than a conviction. For female business owners especially, Louise’s journey teaches that love and compassion can weave into our business mission when we live authentically.

If I am fortunate enough to create a community even a fraction of the size she was able to build, I will consider it a great success. Rest in peace, Louise.


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