Special Announcement: 2nd Annual Business Sisters Conference

I am so pleased to announce the return of The Business Sisters Conference on Saturday, October 26, 2019, from 8 am to 5 pm at the Glengarry Sports Palace in Alexandria.

After our inaugural event in 2018, we heard from many women entrepreneurs in our region that they wanted this type of event again. It’s true that there are not that many events of this type in the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry or in Prescott-Russell. Any business owner looking for quality networking and business education often has to travel closer to Ottawa or elsewhere. At least that’s been my experience!

In the city there often are networking events almost every day of the week, and business seminars abound. But not so much in our rural areas, right? That’s why I wanted to bring this here. With my event production background, I figured I had the skills to do this.

But it was the tremendous encouragement I heard from our attendees that gave me the confidence to do it again. Feedback like:

Hi Doreen. I just wanted to say that I had a great time on Saturday–I made lots of connections and I hope you continue to do more events. Your area of genius is truly bringing together women who support one another. I am sure you are still busy tying up loose ends from Saturday and hopefully getting some much deserved R & R. In Health & Wholeness,

— Lorraine Driscoll, MST, RHN, Building Better Brains

HUGE COSMIC HUGS FLOATING YOUR WAY!!!  Many, many souls are filled with light today because of you, mine included. The Conference was fabulous, you deserve a big pat on the back! Shine on Sista! 

— Tracy-Lynn Chisholm, OBO Studios

I am sooooo glad I was able to attend the Business Sisters Conference on Saturday. I met some amazing women in the time I was there. Thanks to Doreen for putting together a wonderful group of inspiring and wise women as presenters and speakers. I was able to meet my newest client (YAY!), from the sponsors I also found a potential partner, and some great new resources for my VA association. Incredible!

— Tracey Blanchfield-D’Aviero, Your VA Mentor

Yes, I am tooting our collective horn here, because our 2018 speakers also made it what it was: educational, fun and authentic. Thank you all, ladies!

With the 2019 edition, we will continue to bring you important business topics. For instance, you told us you wanted more on how to network effectively, and how to negotiate. So those two topics we are DEFINITELY in the program! Along with more “from the trenches” stories from REAL women entrepreneurs from our area.

Read more about the program HERE.

Tickets are on sale NOW!

Hope to see you on October 26!

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