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Beyond the $$$: Negotiating For Those Who Hate Negotiations!

Does negotiating feel like haggling to you? How do you feel when a client wants a discount? Are you at ease making a counter-offer or maintaining your position without feeling like you could be losing the deal? After The Business Sisters 2018, we asked participants what areas they felt uncomfortable with in their business, topics[…]

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Questions to Ask of Your Prospective Coach

If you have determined that hiring a coach is something you want to do, you need to find the right person to help you. Coaching experiences are as unique as there are coaches and clients out there. To help you make your own assessment, here are some questions to ask of your prospective coach: What[…]

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Is Coaching Right for YOU?

Last week I wrote about how I feel my former coach, and dear friend Betty, actually saved my life. To the point the experience inspired me to help women entrepreneurs who work with their spouse or are involved in a family business. A lot of that is through education and coaching. This week, let’s focus[…]