woman getting clear on asking for what she needs

Are You Asking for What You Need?

For many women entrepreneurs, acting like Superwoman and/or Mother Teresa becomes a vicious circle. We get caught in the Love-Business Trap. One way to break out of that trap is to figure out: are you ASKING for what you NEED? Video Transcript Hello and welcome to the weekly vlog! Recently in our webinar about the[…]

wife husband touching foreheads looking unhappy

What to Do When You Are Not in Alignment

This week I get quite personal in sharing something that happened between my husband and I, when he told me he is resenting the amount of time I am spending in the business. Time to get real here, as I share what to do when you are NOT in alignment… Video Transcript ​Hi and welcome[…]

wife and husband shop owners smiling

Secret of Happy Business Couples

In my research, I’ve found that the HAPPY entrepreneurs — those who successfully balance love and business — often treat their relationship with their spouse as they would a business relationship. I would go as far as calling this a secret of happy business couples. Listen on to learn how that secret works! Video Transcript[…]

couple holding hands and holding a small heart-shaped hot air balloon

A Mother’s Day Message – Sharing the Load?

A Mother’s Day Message is the first of a new video-blog (vlog) post which will appear here weekly each Sunday! Video Transcript: Well hello and welcome! It’s a gorgeous Mother’s Day weekend here and you can probably hear all the activity around us, the birds chirping, and the neighbour is trimming the hedges… And maybe[…]

Fellow women entrepreneurs come to the successful launch of For Love And Business

Successful Turnout at Our Launch Party

Heinz and I were so happy to welcome fellow entrepreneurs, friends and supporters to our For Love And Business Launch Party! We are so grateful for the successful turnout, everyone who donated door prizes and sent well wishes. We saw lots of our women entrepreneur community members, some with their hubbies! (Heinz says “thanks for the reinforcement,”[…]

Family Business and the Differences in the Way Women and Men Think holding hands image

Family Business and the Differences in the Way Women and Men Think

A healthy small business sector is essential to any economy. Who runs small businesses? Families of course! Moms, dads, business couples, multiple generations… This means having a healthy economy depends on keeping families happy together and successful in business. For that to happen we must better understand dynamics in the family business and the differences[…]