woman getting clear on asking for what she needs

Are You Asking for What You Need?

For many women entrepreneurs, acting like Superwoman and/or Mother Teresa becomes a vicious circle. We get caught in the Love-Business Trap. One way to break out of that trap is to figure out: are you ASKING for what you NEED? Video Transcript Hello and welcome to the weekly vlog! Recently in our webinar about the[…]

wife husband touching foreheads looking unhappy

What to Do When You Are Not in Alignment

This week I get quite personal in sharing something that happened between my husband and I, when he told me he is resenting the amount of time I am spending in the business. Time to get real here, as I share what to do when you are NOT in alignment… Video Transcript ​Hi and welcome[…]

wife and husband shop owners smiling

Secret of Happy Business Couples

In my research, I’ve found that the HAPPY entrepreneurs — those who successfully balance love and business — often treat their relationship with their spouse as they would a business relationship. I would go as far as calling this a secret of happy business couples. Listen on to learn how that secret works! Video Transcript[…]

Family Business and the Differences in the Way Women and Men Think holding hands image

Family Business and the Differences in the Way Women and Men Think

A healthy small business sector is essential to any economy. Who runs small businesses? Families of course! Moms, dads, business couples, multiple generations… This means having a healthy economy depends on keeping families happy together and successful in business. For that to happen we must better understand dynamics in the family business and the differences[…]

Leaving the Corporate World Doreen-Iliana-Halloween-

Leaving the Corporate World

Many women start their entrepreneurial journey because the corporate world doesn’t allow them the flexibility to care for their loved ones the way they want to. I left my job as VP Marketing at a Toronto hotel company in the spring of 1998. Actually I was sad to leave because it had been my dream[…]