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Back to school at 54

In this week’s vlog I explain the background on a BIG change I am making in my life: going BACK TO SCHOOL at 54 (eeek!). And what this means for you as a supporter and member of the For Love And Business Community! VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Hi everyone! You may have noticed that it’s been several[…]

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Is My Project Big Enough?

When I asked our For Love And Business Facebook Community Members to post about any big projects,” I wasn’t expecting that this could turn into a life lesson. Yet here we are… With the light fading as the sun was setting in front of me, a discussion about SIZE with: Is My Project Big Enough?[…]

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Serena Williams, Motherhood and Non-Feminine Behaviour

Maybe the heat was getting to me this week. Or maybe I’m just tired of the unfair treatment women are subjected to… Every. Single. Day. So this week’s vlog is a RANT about tennis star Serena Williams and the way we ALL get judged, especially when we display non-feminine behaviour: VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Hello and welcome[…]

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Building Bridges Instead of Walls

There is WAY too much talk about walls these days. Not just in the political arena. It’s in the way we interact with one another. Lots of anger, uncertainty, and mistrust everywhere, even at work. Some say there is a battle of the sexes going on, prompted by the #MeToo movement. I absolutely agree that[…]

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NEW B.R.E.A.K. Out of The Love-Business Trap Bootcamp

After a successful inaugural webinar which discussed The Love-Business Trap, I am pleased to be announcing the launch of a new series of online workshops: the B.R.E.A.K. Out of The Love-Business Trap Bootcamp! What is the Love-Business Trap? The Love-Business Trap is a complex set of feelings and behaviours that women entrepreneurs struggle with as[…]

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Conversations About Our Mental Health

In light of the suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain earlier this week, this week’s vlog takes on a sombre note to discuss the need for more conversations about our mental health. Most entrepreneurs think of themselves as tough and resourceful, but that doesn’t make us immune to depression. With the multiple pressures we[…]

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The For Love And Business Mission – A Man Weighs In

Last week I sent out a note to my circle of women entrepreneurs, friends and industry colleagues, sharing a video with the “why” behind the creation of the For Love And Business community. There was a message to fellow male entrepreneurs too. I thought they should know about the work I am doing, in case they might know[…]

Family Business and the Differences in the Way Women and Men Think holding hands image

Family Business and the Differences in the Way Women and Men Think

A healthy small business sector is essential to any economy. Who runs small businesses? Families of course! Moms, dads, business couples, multiple generations… This means having a healthy economy depends on keeping families happy together and successful in business. For that to happen we must better understand dynamics in the family business and the differences[…]