Prince Harry in carriage with his new wife Meghan Markle

The Royal Wedding: Success in Love and Business?

Did you watch the Royal Wedding this weekend? In this vlog I talk about Meghan and Harry’s love and business relationship, and three factors for marriage success (regardless of whether you’re in business with your spouse!). Video Transcript: Well HELLO, and welcome to the weekly vlog! This being a Canadian long weekend which actually celebrates[…]

Fellow women entrepreneurs come to the successful launch of For Love And Business

Successful Turnout at Our Launch Party

Heinz and I were so happy to welcome fellow entrepreneurs, friends and supporters to our For Love And Business Launch Party! We are so grateful for the successful turnout, everyone who donated door prizes and sent well wishes. We saw lots of our women entrepreneur community members, some with their hubbies! (Heinz says “thanks for the reinforcement,”[…]

Succession planning in family business back of a man and woman holding hands facing sun

Succession Planning in Your Family Business

Female entrepreneurship is growing. With Boomers retiring, more are turning to their daughters, not just their sons, to bring them into the family business. This is happening even in male-dominated sectors. That’s why I was so excited to present “Succession Planning in Your Family Business – When a Woman Takes the Helm” at Truck World this past[…]

Doreen Ashton Wagner presenting at Truck World trade show

Making Money with Your Honey at Truck World

StatsCan tells us about 1 in 5 Canadian businesses are owned equally by a man and a woman. Factoring in minority ownership of either gender, there is a significant number of Canadian enterprises involving “business couples.” Whether these are married or not, StatsCan doesn’t say. Anecdotally however, the trucking industry has a good number of[…]

Bunch of multi colored balloons

Launch of the For Love and Business Community!

Hello everyone! I am so happy to announce we’re officially, finally launching the For Love and Business Community! After a year of preparation, humming and hawing, tweaking and let’s face it, good ol’-fashioned FEAR, I’m FINALLY getting this off the ground – so I’m throwing a party! And you’re invited to attend: it’s FREE! Here are the[…]