Entrepreneurial trailblazers at The Business Sisters Conference

Lessons Learned with Entrepreneurial Trailblazers

And now for the FINALE: The Business Sisters’ Lessons Learned panel with Entrepreneurial Trailblazers! We are so incredibly lucky to have another roster of fantastic women entrepreneurs again this year for our Lessons Learned Panel. This is the last education of the Business Sisters conference agenda, where we have a “fireside chat” with Entrepreneurial Trailblazers.[…]

red backpack going going back to school

Back to school at 54

In this week’s vlog I explain the background on a BIG change I am making in my life: going BACK TO SCHOOL at 54 (eeek!). And what this means for you as a supporter and member of the For Love And Business Community! VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Hi everyone! You may have noticed that it’s been several[…]

baby elephant standing at mother's feet

Is My Project Big Enough?

When I asked our For Love And Business Facebook Community Members to post about any big projects,” I wasn’t expecting that this could turn into a life lesson. Yet here we are… With the light fading as the sun was setting in front of me, a discussion about SIZE with: Is My Project Big Enough?[…]

woman getting clear on asking for what she needs

Are You Asking for What You Need?

For many women entrepreneurs, acting like Superwoman and/or Mother Teresa becomes a vicious circle. We get caught in the Love-Business Trap. One way to break out of that trap is to figure out: are you ASKING for what you NEED? Video Transcript Hello and welcome to the weekly vlog! Recently in our webinar about the[…]

Prince Harry in carriage with his new wife Meghan Markle

The Royal Wedding: Success in Love and Business?

Did you watch the Royal Wedding this weekend? In this vlog I talk about Meghan and Harry’s love and business relationship, and three factors for marriage success (regardless of whether you’re in business with your spouse!). Video Transcript: Well HELLO, and welcome to the weekly vlog! This being a Canadian long weekend which actually celebrates[…]

smiling betty healey posing in front of bookshelf

How My Coach Saved My Life

Exactly 3 years ago today, I walked into Betty Healey’s office exhausted, frustrated, and downright unhappy with my life and business. I wrote about the circumstances leading up to that appointment. This is the specific story of how my coach saved my life. Clearly, I was completely burnt out. Not that I knew it at the time.[…]

Heinz Doreen Iliana Wagner Family selfie

After 20 Years In Business: What I Know For Sure

Today is April 1, 2018. It’s Easter, April Fool’s and the 20th anniversary of our business. Twenty years of business partnership for Heinz and I as a couple! To celebrate, this is a post in the style of Oprah’s monthly epilogues: after 20 years in business, this is what I know for sure: Entrepreneurship is[…]

Creating Your Year-End Ritual

With the weather forecast calling for frighteningly cold weather between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I’ve found it comforting to spend time to  reflect on 2017 and invoking my vision for 2018. And that’s why I’ve written this post on creating your year-end ritual. I wasn’t always serene and reflective like this.  For years I[…]


When a Client or Colleague Becomes a Friend

Years ago when my husband Heinz and I both worked in the hotel industry, he confronted me about a conversation I’d had with a meeting planner client of mine. It was someone I had worked with on several occasions. We’d had lunch and socialized through a professional association we both belonged to. When she eventually[…]

The most stressful day of my career - ForLoveAndBusiness

The Worst Business Day of My Life

Exactly 2 years ago today I did one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do in my entire professional life. I laid off 60% of my team. Big corporate players do this all the time. But mine was not a big corporation. I was a small business owner who had run[…]