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The Worst Business Day of My Life

Exactly 2 years ago today I did one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do in my entire professional life. I laid off 60% of my team. Big corporate players do this all the time. But mine was not a big corporation. I was a small business owner who had run[…]

The Start of a New Life

Back at work from our sabbatical in January 2016, I felt different. For the first time in my professional life, I was putting myself front and centre. I continued focusing on the basics I had learned during our time away: getting enough sleep (one of the books I read while I was away was Thrive[…]

Road to recovery return from Gran Canaria

The Road to Recovery

While I made the decision to take a sabbatical in May 2015, I hadn’t realized this would in fact start a whole chain of events that I believe eventually saved my life. Once I had uttered the words “I want a sabbatical” to my coach (not even to my husband yet!), I couldn’t take them[…]

Burning out-mothering your staff

Burning Out

Being a Mom to our own children and step-children is tiring enough. But trying to be a mother to staff members, especially unwittingly, is exhausting and simply not sustainable.  And that is what I was doing in my business.  Actually burning out. At first, when our staff was just a couple of people in addition[…]

Mom to business family: Doreen and Meagan at Ignite Business Expo

A Mom to my Business Family

As women we tend to lead our businesses the way we lead our families: like moms.  We’re often not just the Chief Executive Officer; we’re also the Chief Emotional Officer. While Greenfield Services was a business I co-founded with my husband, it was really MY business, and the firm’s culture had my stamp all over it. We[…]

Who's the Boss-equal partners for love and business

Making a Pact Over Who’s the Boss

Our original plan had been to be hospitality industry consultants.  I would focus on hospitality sales and marketing projects and Heinz would deal with food & beverage work. We had a vision of what we wanted to do, but no real plan to make it happen. Yet, who’s the boss? At first Heinz’s income from the contract[…]

Leaving the Corporate World Doreen-Iliana-Halloween-

Leaving the Corporate World

Many women start their entrepreneurial journey because the corporate world doesn’t allow them the flexibility to care for their loved ones the way they want to. I left my job as VP Marketing at a Toronto hotel company in the spring of 1998. Actually I was sad to leave because it had been my dream[…]