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Time Off to Have Healthier Relationships

In this week’s vlog, I discuss taking time off to have healthier relationships with your loved ones. Attend Doreen’s first FREE public webinar on THE LOVE-BUSINESS TRAP: [embed_popupally_pro popup_id=”15″] Video Transcript: Hello and welcome to the weekly vlog! There is no recording going outside for me today because there it’s pouring rain out there. Oh well…
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Stress Dreams

We all have different ways we “process” stress. Some of our For Love And Business community members report insomnia. Others say they overeat or stop eating.  For me juggling too many projects leads to stress dreams. The first time I experienced this type of dream it was just a replay of something that really happened
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Burning out-mothering your staff

Burning Out

Being a Mom to our own children and step-children is tiring enough. But trying to be a mother to staff members, especially unwittingly, is exhausting and simply not sustainable.  And that is what I was doing in my business.  Actually burning out. At first, when our staff was just a couple of people in addition
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