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Stop Using this Word & Your Permission Slip

There is one word too many of us use, which only serves to make us feel unworthy. We use it all the time in both love and in business. In this week’s vlog we discuss becoming aware of how that insidious word that makes us FEEL GUILTY, plus one exercise to help heal the damage
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What Really Happens After Burnout

Sometimes people think that “burning out” is just like getting a cold; you get some rest and get over it. I wish that were so. For many, it’s just not. That’s why I wanted to write about what really happens after burnout. It’s a very personal experience, of course. But research suggests that “burnout takes
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Carving Out ME Time

In this week’s vlog, I discuss yet another difference between men and women. And this one ISN’T one we should be happy about… because it affects our health!  Video Transcript Hi and welcome to the weekly vlog! Last week we talked about “entrepreneur-itis” and tips on how to take more vacation time with your loved
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Time Off to Have Healthier Relationships

In this week’s vlog, I discuss taking time off to have healthier relationships with your loved ones. Attend Doreen’s first FREE public webinar on THE LOVE-BUSINESS TRAP: [embed_popupally_pro popup_id=”15″] Video Transcript: Hello and welcome to the weekly vlog! There is no recording going outside for me today because there it’s pouring rain out there. Oh well…
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Stress Dreams

We all have different ways we “process” stress. Some of our For Love And Business community members report insomnia. Others say they overeat or stop eating.  For me juggling too many projects leads to stress dreams. The first time I experienced this type of dream it was just a replay of something that really happened
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Leaving the Corporate World Doreen-Iliana-Halloween-

Leaving the Corporate World

Many women start their entrepreneurial journey because the corporate world doesn’t allow them the flexibility to care for their loved ones the way they want to. I left my job as VP Marketing at a Toronto hotel company in the spring of 1998. Actually I was sad to leave because it had been my dream
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