red backpack going going back to school

Back to school at 54

In this week’s vlog I explain the background on a BIG change I am making in my life: going BACK TO SCHOOL at 54 (eeek!). And what this means for you as a supporter and member of the For Love And Business Community! VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Hi everyone! You may have noticed that it’s been several[…]

baby elephant standing at mother's feet

Is My Project Big Enough?

When I asked our For Love And Business Facebook Community Members to post about any big projects,” I wasn’t expecting that this could turn into a life lesson. Yet here we are… With the light fading as the sun was setting in front of me, a discussion about SIZE with: Is My Project Big Enough?[…]

Serena Williams holding up both hands in victory

Serena Williams, Motherhood and Non-Feminine Behaviour

Maybe the heat was getting to me this week. Or maybe I’m just tired of the unfair treatment women are subjected to… Every. Single. Day. So this week’s vlog is a RANT about tennis star Serena Williams and the way we ALL get judged, especially when we display non-feminine behaviour: VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Hello and welcome[…]

woman with her hand up in front of her face to say stop

Stop Using this Word & Your Permission Slip

There is one word too many of us use, which only serves to make us feel unworthy. We use it all the time in both love and in business. In this week’s vlog we discuss becoming aware of how that insidious word that makes us FEEL GUILTY, plus one exercise to help heal the damage[…]

woman getting clear on asking for what she needs

Are You Asking for What You Need?

For many women entrepreneurs, acting like Superwoman and/or Mother Teresa becomes a vicious circle. We get caught in the Love-Business Trap. One way to break out of that trap is to figure out: are you ASKING for what you NEED? Video Transcript Hello and welcome to the weekly vlog! Recently in our webinar about the[…]

shutting off the brain for quality we time

Shutting Off the Brain to Create Quality WE Time

After our big fight three weeks ago, here’s a progress report on my finding “re-alignment” with my husband. This week it’s about shutting off the brain to create quality WE Time! Video Transcript Hello and welcome to the weekly log! Last time I talked about the disagreement my husband and I had over the amount[…]

blond haired woman eyes closed lying down to relax

Carving Out ME Time

In this week’s vlog, I discuss yet another difference between men and women. And this one ISN’T one we should be happy about… because it affects our health!  Video Transcript Hi and welcome to the weekly vlog! Last week we talked about “entrepreneur-itis” and tips on how to take more vacation time with your loved[…]

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Time Off to Have Healthier Relationships

In this week’s vlog, I discuss taking time off to have healthier relationships with your loved ones. Attend Doreen’s first FREE public webinar on THE LOVE-BUSINESS TRAP: [embed_popupally_pro popup_id=”15″] Video Transcript: Hello and welcome to the weekly vlog! There is no recording going outside for me today because there it’s pouring rain out there. Oh well…[…]

Prince Harry in carriage with his new wife Meghan Markle

The Royal Wedding: Success in Love and Business?

Did you watch the Royal Wedding this weekend? In this vlog I talk about Meghan and Harry’s love and business relationship, and three factors for marriage success (regardless of whether you’re in business with your spouse!). Video Transcript: Well HELLO, and welcome to the weekly vlog! This being a Canadian long weekend which actually celebrates[…]

couple holding hands and holding a small heart-shaped hot air balloon

A Mother’s Day Message – Sharing the Load?

A Mother’s Day Message is the first of a new video-blog (vlog) post which will appear here weekly each Sunday! Video Transcript: Well hello and welcome! It’s a gorgeous Mother’s Day weekend here and you can probably hear all the activity around us, the birds chirping, and the neighbour is trimming the hedges… And maybe[…]