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The Business Sisters 2019 – It’s a Wrap!

There are so many individuals and organizations to thank for the success of the Business Sisters Conference 2019.

To me, Saturday, October 26 was magical because I saw people coming together, learning and sharing. The feedback has been tremendous, and we are already planning for 2020. First though a HUGE expression of gratitude is in order.

To our Partners & Exhibitors:

  • The wonderful team of Chantal Lajoie and Kim Julien of Desjardins believed in the vision of a local event for women entrepreneurs and business owners from the very beginning. Thank you for helping us spread the word throughout the community, in SD&G and Prescott-Russell, and even involving one of your board member this year!
  • Binal Bhavsar and Lesley Thompson of the Community Futures Development Corporation are always there to support activities that help entrepreneurs grow. This year they helped build awareness amongst francophone entrepreneurs by funding the cost of translation and French-language communication.
  • The BDC is indeed Canada‘s bank for entrepreneur; Rose D’Amato and Raina Sharma personify that spirit by being there with their knowledge and resources.
  • Martha Woods and Kimberley Hamilton at the Eastern Ontario Training Board understand that entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of our area.
  • Marie-Josée Lévesque thank you for being there to represent the PARO Women’s Centre for Enterprise and talk up the wonderful work you do with PARO Circles.

Each of the above for partners we turned to support the event for its second annual installment. We look forward to working with them again in the future!

Leadership Féminin Prescott-Russell, our participants clearly LOVED your beautiful sweaters so we can ALL “Wear Our Leadership”! Simone Sherriff of FedDev Ontario thank you for being there and for your enthusiastic support… All the way from Toronto!

To our volunteers:

To Helene Faubert, Lianne Acres-Hanna and Terry Besner: it inspired me to see you happily welcome participants, run around to collect business cards and draw prizes, and take care of so many more details! I thoroughly appreciate your support, your friendship and dedication.

To my patient and hard-working business partner and life partner, Heinz: thank you for always making me laugh with your inappropriate one-liners and your loving, constant support.

We were all so busy DOING that day that we FORGOT to take a photo together!!!

Our speakers and table experts:

A conference is only so good as the quality of its presenters. But the Business Sisters has more than power points and slick speeches. Our conference speakers shared from the heart, with personal stories and lessons they learned often the hard way, along in their journey. Every single one of these individuals shared not just data but also wisdom:

From left to right: Samme Putzel, Lisa Owen, Doreen Ashton Wagner, Lynda Turner and Beatrice Johnson-Tarbell

And to our trailblazers who gave us a rich understanding of what it takes to learn from the lessons business offers us and how to keep going:

To our kind and reliable suppliers:

Scott Campbell of the Solid Sound Guys who is exactly what his company says, all the way. To Julia Graham the smiling, bespectacled creator of The Quirky Carrot who stayed at her shop late into the night to prepare her signature tiramisu and who came in at the crack of dawn to set up for breakfast. It is a delight to work with you both!

And to Tara MacDonald, Photographer, Writer & Communications Specialist, who not only took gorgeous photos like the ones you see on this page, but also wrote a wonderful article for The Glengarry News (reproduced here with permission).

It was a GREAT day ladies!

Last, but definitely not least, to our participants:

By the time the above photo was taken during our wine and cheese reception, several of you had already departed – many to get back to your families home you had willingly left alone to come and learn with us, and others to attend fundraisers and community events. Thank you for believing in the business sisters concept and offering your input for how we can make this event even better for rural women entrepreneurs and business owners of eastern Ontario.

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