Discuss issues during virtual town halls for women entrepreneurs

Virtual Town Halls are the ideal way to connect with other women entrepreneurs who also are in business with a loved one!

Being an entrepreneur means facing stress. But for female business owners who are in business with a spouse or significant other, the stress can be even greater unless you know how to balance and counter-balance… Sometimes it just helps to hear that you’re not alone. With your Premier or Inner Circle Membership, you can hop on one of our Town Halls and hear from women entrepreneurs like you!

In the For Love And Business Community, we know you look for meaningful ways to connect with other female business owners. Women who are also in business with a spouse or significant other. We’re pretty special bunch! That’s why we hold Virtual Town Halls for women entrepreneurs like us. This is how we get together informally to exchange information, share stories, ask questions and offer help.

What’s on your mind?

For most Town Halls we have a particular topic to discuss, which at times will involve a special guest. Occasionally we have an open forum where you can talk about anything that’s on your mind. Especially if it’s an issue related to growing your business and improving the life of your family!

All Town Halls are moderated by Doreen, our Community Host. She’s there to facilitate the conversation and make everyone feel welcome. As an experienced professional facilitator, Doreen loves to know what issues or questions are burning in your mind.

Do you have a topic to suggest for one of our virtual town halls for women entrepreneurs? Drop us a line at info@forloveandbusiness.comYou can also submit a topic for discussion at any time during the Town Hall via the platform chat room or by virtually raising your hand.

The Tech Stuff

For those of you who need to know about the tech stuff, we use Zoom, a cloud-based video-conferencing platform where you get to see and hear all the participants. Just use the link we send you once you sign up. No need to download any software onto your device!

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Want to know more?

Town Halls usually take place in the evening, between 7:30 and 8:30 pm Eastern. 

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