Help for Women Entrepreneurs in Business with a SpouseIt was your business all along. YOUR BABY. You created it from the ground up. Made it happen and you are the BOSS.

You worked your butt off, and it paid off. So much so that your life partner has joined the business! Or maybe you’re thinking of asking him to join you, and you’re wondering, “Should he?”

Whether it’s already done or you are just pondering it, having your “significant other” in your business can be both elating AND incredibly infuriating. Sometimes even on the same day!

Society sends women and men very mixed messages when it comes to business. Somehow, in the back of our minds, men are still supposed to be the breadwinners. Women are the caregivers. What happens when it’s the other way around? Or when both partners earn, but the woman brings in more? When the woman is the BOSS?

In about 30% to 40% of American couples, women out-earn their mates. With more women venturing into their own business, this situation can only increase. While economic reality is changing, our attitudes are slower to follow.

Women entrepreneurs in business with a spouse face unique challenges. Some studies show that economically dependent men tend to feel emasculated, both psychologically and physically. They may be more likely to cheat on their higher earning spouse. This might even lead to higher divorce rates!

Not a pretty picture, is it?

We Offer Help for Women Entrepreneurs in Business with a Spouse

The dynamics of both your business and your relationship intertwine, but it doesn’t have to be for the worst. Equipped with the right knowledge and the right tools, making money with your honey can be a sweet deal!

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