Support for women entrepreneurs in business with a spouseThe business belongs to both of you.You’re equal partners. When you started out, you dreamed of a thriving business. You were in this together.

Now you share a life and a business but there are days when it doesn’t feel like you are going in the same direction… You’re so busy and there is so much to do! It feels more like you’re going around in circles.

You feel that if you stop, even for a short break, your business, your family, your life will come crashing down.

As a couple, you talk business all the time, yet somehow hardly discuss the things that really matter. When the pressure is on, you fight about anything from business goals to doing laundry. And romance? Who on earth has time for that??

You wish you could talk to someone else about it, but your friends and extended family wouldn’t have a clue. They’re not entrepreneurs so they couldn’t relate. It all feels so LONELY and exhausting.

We Offer Support for Women Entrepreneurs in Business with a Spouse

Luckily we’re here to help; the ForLoveAndBusiness Community is for women like you who are in business with a loved one. We get how much work is on your plate and how isolated it feels.

So we have the tools and the connections you need to help you succeed. We meet online during Town Halls, and support one another in Coaching Circles. With our Host and Community Leader, Doreen Ashton Wagner, we have Online Workshops and In-Person Retreats.

If you are a woman entrepreneur who is in business with your life partner, this is where you need to be. It’s easy to join and you’ll have access FREE, actionable resources, and affordable pay-as-you-go events.

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